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Overload the main characteristics of the limit analysis
日期:2011年6月17日 浏览[2265]

Overload the main characteristics of the limit analysis
Overload is limited (hereinafter referred to as the limit) LTD. Is a professional production is used in electric hoist, wire rope straight to hang and so on lifting equipment on the weight limit of security protection device. The device by controller and sensor two main components, lift heavy weight can show, prevent accidents, so it in metallurgy, mine, dock, storage industry modernization with very important significance to production safety.
Second, the main characteristics of the overload restrictions:
1, because of the use of advanced anti-interference device and the original software design, this device has a strong anti-interference ability;
2, in order to eliminate the sensor, amplifier long-term from the effects of changes, the device adopts the automatic tracking the zero technology to ensure that memory the precision of the weighing.
Three, to facilitate the installation, this device's components in the factory according to the technical standard has with precision instrument respectively, site installation calibration are no longer need to debug (see installation and debugging part)
4, to facilitate the precise value, the limit that weighing the software regulated memory technology, convenient adjustment, intuitive, and after-sales service and field service is convenient, reliable.

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